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We Offer Unmatched Professional Thinning Hair Solutions for Hair Care Professionals

HLCC® is the global leader in hair rejuvenation. We pioneered the use of thinning hair lasers (LLLT) and low-level light devices (LLLD) in the US and in 30 countries around the world. We are the hair industry's insider’s secret to many of the best thinning hair clinics, doctors, spas, and salons in the world. 50 of the best clinics and Hair brands are private-label HLCC products and we have over 300 affiliated locations that use our methods and products. Our Industry experts help other hair and business professionals add thinning hair solutions to their business. More and more often, existing clinics, salons, and spas come to HLCC to learn how to compete with the new online world of EBAY® and Amazon and win in their local center.

Our unique business model, products, and programs have been seamlessly integrated into spas, salons, and medical practices worldwide, raising our partners’ profits while stopping thinning hair and promoting hair growth of hundreds of thousands of people.

Whether carrying a single product line on their shelves or functioning as an HLCC-branded affiliate, businesses thrive with thinning hair programs big and small.

Thinning Hair Solution Opportunities

HLCC stands by its multi-therapeutic approach, combining premium thinning hair products with FDA Cleared Lasers (LLLT) and Low-Level Light Devices (LLLD) to maximize results. Our HLCC® Scripts products were developed under the guidance of our thinning hair pros to be the highest-quality hair solutions on the market. They’re safe and effective for men and women of all ethnicities, and they’re available to individuals and businesses worldwide, whether used on their own or paired with laser hair therapy.

Today, our cleared thinning hair lasers (LLLT) & Devices (LLLD) and hair solutions are providing unmatched opportunities for doctors, spas, trichologists, and salons to benefit from the thinning hair market – one worth $5.4 billion dollars in the United States alone!

Whether you wish to carry a single product or you want to start a broader partnership with HLCC, we welcome the opportunity to help you provide hair solutions to your clients.


Become an Affiliate Clinic

Use our thinning hair lasers (LLLT) & Devices (LLLD) and products, share our business model, learn from our trainers, and receive marketing assistance and support by becoming an official HLCC affiliate. Experience all the benefits of a franchise without the fees or commitments!

Find Thinning Hair Lasers for Your Clinic

Explore cleared thinning hair lasers (LLLT) & Devices (LLLD) options and purchase an in-clinic system for your medical spa, salon, medical practice, hair transplant clinic, or another type of business.

Become an HLCC Product Reseller

Retail HLCC Scripts hair solutions, products, programs, and laser combs and laser caps to your customers in-person or online and profit residually, thanks to HLCC’s wholesale programs. You may also private-label any of our products with your own logo and design.

Explore HLCC Business Testimonials

Find out why entrepreneurs and longtime business owners are choosing to partner with HLCC for thinning hair solutions, products, and services.

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