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“It's like a franchise without the franchise fees.”

HLCC's Affiliate Program

Includes EVERYTHING you need to run a Trichology or Hair Loss Clinic. We have 36+ Years of proven history helping others grow their business while running 1,000+ Trichology clinics in 35+ countries worldwide. HLCC are the only products and programs clinically proven to regrow hair in 4-10 weeks. It's like owning a franchise, getting all the advertising, social media, and marketing materials. All the operations materials and forms to do consults, checkups, financing, treatment programs, and assistance to grow your business, minus the high fees and costs typically associated with franchises.


 The Benefits of Being an HLCC Affiliate:

  • By partnering with HLCC, you will learn how to provide superior hair loss solutions to address your clients' hair loss needs in men and women of all ages and ethnicities.

  • Receive extensive training from HLCC®'s knowledgeable trichologist, medical personnel, and industry experts, ensuring you understand how to provide comprehensive hair loss consultations and allowing you to customize individual hair loss programs with optimal solutions. Be trained in-person, by video, on the web, and in classroom settings worldwide.

  • Exclusive Territories and specific rights to entire geographic regions.

  • Build your client's trust with HLCC®'s industry expertise and reputation in the hair loss industry.

  • Profiting residually from HLCC®'s hair loss products and superior solutions, people often stay on programs for 3-5 years, some as long as 36 years.

  • Unmatched Education - William C. Blatter, Founder, is also the founder of USTI, the world's largest and finest Trichology education institute.

  • Highly Effective HLCC ad for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok

  • •    50+ hours of training video on-

    • ​How to provide consultations, checkups, set up, and run your hair clinic.

    • Marketing your Trichology Center.

    • How to do Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Google, Yelp and Yext advertising.

    • How to set up your Trichology Center.

    • Growth Factors+ – how to sell, use, and apply.

    • The best option for selling hair products, laser caps, and laser treatments.

    • How to use and make money with CompleteLash and styling products.

  • Weekly ongoing Live Virtual Training Q&A – almost two years or recorded Q&A for your education and reference.

  • 425+ files of all the operational and marketing materials.

  • How to provide consultations, checkups set up, and run your clinic.

  • Clinic forms-consults, checkups, financing.

  • 50+ Treatment options for all types of hair loss (all editable content).

    • In-clinic and at-home treatments.

  • 30+ Hair loss videos on all types of hair loss.

    • Many other videos to use.

  • 20+ sets of before and after images, Consultation PowerPoints, and everything needed to do a trichology or Hair Loss consultation.

  • ​All lasers, clinical and home, the original LaserCap®, HairMax, Ultimate, Theradome, etc.

  • Marketing Content:

    • Customized brochures, animations, videos, social media posts, and hair loss education videos are available. Flyers, posters, event guides, and social media.

    • Video and written testimonials, DHT blocking animation to share with clients. Reference information regarding hair growth, hormones, diet, laser, amino acids, seborrheic dermatitis, FAQ, etc.​

    • Salon services to increase revenue and gain new clients.

    • Brochures that are editable and much, much more.

  • Social Media

    • Social Media training videos.

    • 30+ Hair loss and scalp issues videos/reels to use on your social media platforms.

    • Treatment videos for different types of hair loss for your social media.

    • Free video editing for most testimonials, plus before and after pictures.

    • Collaborations between our social media and your clinic.

    • Understand and sell hair loss treatments for your clinic, salon, or spa quickly and easily!

    • Ongoing life support!

    • Paid coaching, we can even walk you through your first few consultations!

You don't have to be a hair loss expert to become an affiliate or distributor. When you work with HLCC®, our hair loss professionals will teach your team everything they need to know to ensure your stylists, management team, and/or staff members are properly trained and prepared to provide superior hair loss solutions to your clients.

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