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Find Solutions for Male Hair Concerns:

If you’re struggling with male pattern baldness or other thinning or loss, schedule a free consultation with our experts.

Male pattern baldness and other types of hair thinning are extremely common, but that doesn’t make it easier to accept. For many men, losing hair can change their appearance by making them look older and make them feel less confident. 

In addition to genetic factors, there are many other causes of hair thinning. Anticoagulants, antidepressants and chemotherapy are commonly associated with hair thinning, and excessive hair washing and brushing can speed the rate at which hairs are normally shed. 

Heavy hair thinning and balding can be a sign of an underlying medical problem, as hair changes can also be a side effect of health concerns such as diabetes and lupus. Less serious but common causes include poor nutrition, high stress and harsh shampoos.


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Solutions for Male Balding: 

HLCC® can help find hair regrowth solutions for women, whether it’s hereditary (androgenetic alopecia) or thinning caused by a medical condition such as hypothyroidism, iron deficiency, alopecia areata or any other common cause of baldness. 

Depending on the severity and type of your hair loss, our medical and trichology professionals may recommend the use of: 

  • Growth Factors+: all natural Growth Factors+ clinically proven to regrow hair in 4-10 weeks for 100% of men and women. 30 times more powerful than PRP and 60 times the natural growth factors in our body.

  • DHT Blockers: DHT is proven to be the biggest cause of hair thinning. We slow DHT naturally to prevent it from attaching to the receptors of the hair follicles, slowing or preventing hair growth.

  • Re-Stim+:  11 DHT Blockers to block DHT topically, Soothing Aloe, Penetrators and FDA proven 5% Minoxidil made better 10 ways including having 75% less alcohol clinically proven. 

  • FDA Cleared Laser Hair Therapy (LLLT): Our pain-free low-level laser systems are an important part of the solution; we’ll help you pick the hair laser that is right for you. 

  • MGC™ Marine Complex: HLCC®‘s formula with ingredients proven in 13 clinical studies to stop hair loss and regrow hair.

  • Vitamins for Hair Health: Strengthen your hair with our products designed to provide necessary vitamins and nutrients essential for optimal hair health.

We welcome the opportunity to help women throughout the world, take control of their hair concerns and start regrowing their hair in only 4-10 weeks.

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