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In-Person – Live Zoom or Phone

What to expect

Receive a detailed 30-to-60-minute consultation from a trichology or medical expert. You will fill out a detailed consultation questionnaire* giving us all relevant information on your hair loss.

We review your detailed consultation questionnaire with you, diving deep into any possible causes and contributing factors to your hair loss. We will review your medical, health, and family history in detail—your hair and scalp conditions, medications, nutrition, and what you have already tried. Then we dive into why you are seeking treatment and your goals so we can make sure your treatment program can responsibly meet your goals.  


HLCC then closely examined your hair loss using a Hair Scope at 50x and 200x magnification. Additionally, we will capture images of all affected areas with the professional hair scope and a digital camera, allowing us to monitor your hair regrowth in real-time and adjust your hair loss program throughout your treatment.


How is an HLCC consultation different?

Experience: with 1,000 locations in 35+ counties and over 36 years in business, no one has more experience doing consultations.


We train the world’s experts in how to conduct consultations. We have trained 5,000 Doctors, Dermatologists, Trichologist, and Hair Loss Professionals worldwide at thousands of clinics on every continent but Antarctica.


Designed and led by our founder, William C. Blatter

As an American Medical (AMCA) & USTI® Clinical Trichologist and hair loss expert, he is known internationally as a leader in the Trichology, Hair Loss, Hair Care, Laser, and Low-Level Light device industry. USTI’s Founder, Mr. Blatter, has a reputation for excellence as a speaker, trainer, and educator in laser and hair loss services and solutions.


Beyond founding companies and serving on boards in the hair loss industry, he has trained thousands of doctors, dermatologists, cosmetologists, and barbers in hair loss.  Through his leadership and training at USTI, HLCC, and XTC, he has helped thousands of business owners in the hair loss industry succeed. 

Call today to start regrowing your hair in as little as 4-10 weeks!

*Free consultation at HLCC original location in Latham, NY and participating locations. $300 gift card good for any program with 2 systems and in clinic or Ultimate 272 or 80 laser cap, $150 off with 1 system and in clinic or Ultimate 272 or 80 laser cap applies only a HLCC original location and participating locations. I agree to HLCC’s terms and conditions by submitting this form.

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