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Find Solutions for Ethnic/Textured Hair Loss:

HLCC helped hundreds of thousands of people with Ethnic/Textured Hair Loss.


HLCC® helped 100,000 of thousands of people with Ethnic/Textured Hair Loss. More than 200 of our clinics service between 50 to 100% Ethnic/Textured hair clients. This makes the Trichology and medical experts at HLCC® well-prepared to provide solutions for any hair and hair loss of any degree. Whether you are African American, Asian, Indian, or of another ethnicity, we know that people have different types of hair, including hair that may be naturally wavy, curly, kinky, straight, thick, coarse, weak, brittle, coiled… the list goes on! Traction Alopecia, CCA -Central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia, and other types of hair loss are common for people with Ethnic/Texted hair.


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Fact: Traction alopecia affects 1/3 of all women of African descent.

Hair Loss solutions are most effective when the approach is designed for the hair you have (or want to have again). For example, how often you wash your hair can affect which treatments are used and how often they are applied. When seeking a hair solution provider, research to find businesses and clinicians who are prepared to treat your hair’s texture and structure and do not simply use the same hair solutions programs and methods for all clients.
HLCC® has decades of experience providing solutions for hair thinning for people from all over the world. Experience with all textures and ethnicities helps our hair experts, trichologists, and hair specialists ensure you find the right solution. HLCC® affiliates know how to examine the thinning hair of individuals and recommend the best hair solutions based on your needs or condition.

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