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We are different!

Not only are we the pioneers of hair loss treatment and Trichology, but nobody cares more for their clients.

HLCC Timeline of Pioneering in Hair Loss Treatment     

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  • Emphasis on Personalized consultation anyway you need it:

    • We know hair can be lost in various ways, so we don’t want you to buy a single product without scheduling a consultation. In-Person Live Zoom and Phone consultations are available for individuals unable to visit our locations.


  • Trichology/Medical Consultation

    • Receive a detailed 30 to 60-minute consultation from a trichology or medical expert. We review your detailed consultation questionnaire, including your family and medical history. HLCC then closely examined your hair loss using a Hair Scope at 50x and 200x magnification. Additionally, we will capture images of all affected areas with the Hair Scope and a digital camera, allowing us to monitor your hair regrowth in real-time and adjust your hair loss program accordingly.


  • Personalized programs:

    • Every client of HLCC is helped individually by Trichology or Medical professionals and has programs designed to fit his or her individual needs. As your hair loss and hair care changes, we adjust your program accordingly based on your results and feedback for the most effective results.


  • Trichology/Medical Checkups

    • HLCC provides patented regular check-ups utilizing digital and 50x/200x scope pictures to assess your hair regrowth. This allows us to continually track your progress and tailor the program to your specific requirements when needed.

Since 1987

For over 36 years, HLCC has been a pioneer in Hair Regrowth products, services, and solutions. Many 1sts in the industry and still the Global leader in Hair Loss Treatment today!

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HLCC Timeline of Pioneering in Hair Loss Treatment














HLCC was one of the 1st clinics in the world to use FDA-approved Rogaine (Minoxidil). Conducts many live seminars to inform the public.

HLCC is the 1st clinic in the US and 1 of the first 5 in the world to use the 1st Laser for hair regrowth, the Boston laser from Italy. Uses one large laser diode.


HLCC launches its first line of hair growth products.


HLCC Offers the 1st DHT-blocking supplements.


HLCC offers “Complete,” The 1st DHT blocker with 11 DHT blockers.


HLCC has grown to 10 Clinics and opened its 1st clinic in London, UK


1st clinic to offer 10% and 15 minoxidil with 5% Saw Palmetto (no longer offer because Growth factor+ works way better and does not have side effects sometimes seen with higher strength minoxidil)


HLCC has grown to 27 clinics, more than any other hair loss company.


HLCC is the 1st clinic in the US to use the new Laser Hair Therapy 6000 from Sweden with 30 small laser videos. Much more effective.


HLCC Founder William C. Blatter Appeared in a Commercial for the Hair Max Lasercomb as a laser expert 2 years before HairMax got the 1st FDA approval for Hair regrowth for a laser.


HLCC Celebrates 20 years in business.


HLCC is among the 1st to market the FDA-cleared Hair Max Lasercomb and act as support for HairMax.


HLCC builds the 1st highly effective laser regrowth laser. The Ultimate 75 with 75 laser diodes.

















HLCC hits 76 clinics worldwide


HLCC speaks about Laser Therapy at the unveiling of the 1st FDA-approved clinical laser at the ISHRS meeting in Amsterdam, Netherlands


HLCC hits 120 Global clinics worldwide.


HLCC started private labeling products for its affiliated Clinics.


HLCC Wins the Top Prize at the UK’s Top Aesthetic Conference. HLCC “Voted Most Innovative Treatment or Service.”


HLCC hits 175 clinics worldwide


USTI, the US Trichology Institute launched to educate Trichologist worldwide by HLCC Founder William Blatter


1st Growth Factor Product for hair regrowth in the US.

HLCC hits 300 clinics Worldwide.


HLCC’s Growth Factors Star at Dubia Dermalogica Conference with release of Clinal Study showing 100% of clients regrow hair in 4-10 Weeks.


USTI has become the world's largest Trichology educational institute.


HLCC has hit 500 clinics worldwide in 30 countries.


HLCC hits 1,000 clinics worldwide, 35+ countries.


HLCC Releases a powerful Upgraded Growth Factors+


USTI hits over 2,500 Trichology students educated.


HLCC hits over 1 million hair loss clients served

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