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The Right Laser or Device for Your Business

When you choose the Low-Level Light Technology and the most FDA cleared Laser options (LLLT), to offer the best services & solutions to help your clients; your business can benefit from substantial income and satisfied customers. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong Device – perhaps it may have LEDs or too few diodes – can have a dramatic and negative impact on your business, your reputation, and the reputation within the hair care industry.

That’s why the experts at HLCC® want to ensure you’re prepared to choose the most optimal devices for your business needs and your client’s goals. Having been in the business since 1987 and using low-level light technology since 1990 (the first in the United States to do so) and one of the first to sell the HairMax LaserComb®*, we know what it takes for our centers & clinics to have the ability to offer the most results-oriented solutions & services; in their attempts to provide their customers with the most optimal results that can be expected.

What Should You Consider When Selecting a Low-Level Light Technology?

  • How many laser diodes, LEDs, or red light diodes do I want, or both?

  • Do you know the difference and how to tell the difference?

  • Do you know which works better?

  • How many Low-Level Red Light Laser diodes do you need?

  • Should you choose a hood or flat panel, and does it matter?

  • How do you build long-term residual income?

  • How can your business be competitive online?

  • How do you ensure a return on investment?

  • Who Should You Purchase?

Who Should You Purchase From?

  • Look for companies that sell multiple options for your needs not just one brand.

  • Look for companies with a history of success selling to satisfied customers.

  • Look for companies that also have experience using them in real centers & clinics.

  • Look for companies that will not only sell you the product but train you to use it correctly, too.

  • Look for companies that offer home and personal options and professional model options, so they can educate you about the differences.

  • Look for companies with replacement policies that can quickly help you if your product or device is suffering from a malfunction.

  • *Every Low-Level Device including FDA-cleared laser have clearances for specific thing and they vary and some may not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease or illness. See more details in our policies and disclaimers.

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