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Covid-19 Hair Loss

Patients who suffer from hair loss due to COVID-19 may find increased hair loss during routine brushing or washing, a condition known as Telogen Effluvium. Typically, around 90% of scalp hairs are in the active growth phase, while the remaining 10% are in the resting phase, known as the Telogen stage. Anagen lasts for approximately three years on the scalp, followed by a transition to Telogen, which spans two to six months. The end of Telogens signifies the natural shedding of old hairs, making way for new hairs. Typically, most will shed 100 hairs a day. In response to stressful events like COVID-19, the body may shift to a higher proportion of actively growing hairs into the resting Telogen phase. This drastic change can result in hair loss, with up to half of one's hair being in this phase. To help fight this type of hair loss, it's important to take high quality supplements like the Complete Total Nutrient by HLCC that promotes hair growth, and consult a trichologist for more assistance.

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